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Need to relax and destress after a long day….. Studies have shown that the sound of running water has a positive impact on our minds. Listen to the soothing sounds relax, take a deep breath and meditate. To help with you get to a state of calm try Brainwave-guided meditations. Experience stress relief, a creativity boost, a tranquil atmosphere in your home, or simply to enjoy deep relaxation, choose an Alpha version of your favorite Brainwave Club session, press play, listen, and enjoy.

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Tea has been known to contain certain compounds such as caffeine and catechins that may help to boost metabolism. Incorporate tea in your diet to help boost your metabolism all day. Stimulate the body’s metabolism by increasing the production of certain enzymes that help to break down fat.┬áTeatime anyone? For the Coffee lover. tweak your morning routine to get a Metabolism boast for your day. Try JavaBurn.